Bacterial spot??--Peach tree pics

trfanaticJune 3, 2007

Does this confirm that my tree indeed does have Bacterial spot?? Come to think of it the tree had this last year also and produced clean but bland fruit. I only recently joined this forum--if I only knew I would have sprayed for this. Oh well, will do this fall/winter.


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I hope this pic works.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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The picture worked, and that is what bacterial disease looked like on my leaves when I had it. "Bacterial spot" is really not the only term that may be used. I believe there is a range of different but close related diseases of peach trees, which express themselves in different ways. Some cause cankers on the trunk and branches, others cause black spots on the peaches themselves, and yet others seem to attack the leaves first, causing the yellowing that you are seeing.

The fact that your peaches were "clean" last year, and thus, I assume, free from black spotting, is a good sign, and an indicator that your tree may not be too far gone to save. If you see no oozing cankers on the tree, that is another positive sign. But whatever the particular iteration of bacterial disease you may have, the recipe for control is the same: At least two good dormant sprays with a strong copper solution. Make sure the first is just after leaf fall, and the second shortly before or right at bud break. If you want to try for insurance, do another on a warm, calm winter day in between.

Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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Thanks Don. The tree looks otherwise perfect as do the peaches--they were quite bland though, but large and looked perfect. The tree is 3 years old (maybe 4?) and for sure this happened last year also. I bought it from a Nursery and it is a grafted Harrow Diamond. It is now about 12 feet tall and wonderfully leafy and healthy looking (except for the yellowing). I do all the sprays that are recommended in the CIL dormant spray kit I bought--lime sulphur, dormant oil, fruit tree spray, ambush, diazinon (now Sevin) and try to keep the schedule. I also occasionally throw some fungicide in with the sprays. Could this infect my Cherry tree that is about 10 feet away?? It did not last year and I got many cherries.

Again many thanks,


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My tree is doing wonderfully well now--no yellow leaves at all, thick and green with many fruit. This is the same as last year. Does this change the diagnosis at all??

Thanks for your help,


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