Sweetcrisp and Probably Not

Bradybb WA-Zone8June 26, 2013

My Blueberry fruit is maturing,including some that I'm pretty sure are Sweetcrisp from Mail Order Natives,a division of Superior Trees in Lee,Florida.
Also producing some berries this year are plants from Florida Hill Nursery and Oasis Tropical Plants.These two places I think sent the wrong ones.
I'm sharing some photos taken today of plants mentioned from the three businesses.
Included are two photos.The first one is the store front at Sky Nursery in Seattle,which I've been to several times and the one below it is of Oasis Tropical Plants in Springhill,Florida.Notice the resemblance?I'm not saying it doesn't exist,it could be the same architect.Has anyone visited it?
I bought the OTP plants on Ebay and have since read not so good reports about them.The owner signs his name as Dr. Michael Taylor. Brady

Mail Order Natives

Florida Hill Nursery

Oasis Tropical Plants

Sky Nursery Storefront Seattle,WA

Oasis Tropical Plants Storefront Springhill,FL

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

The first picture is Sweetcrisp. The others aren't. FHN never did send me any Sweetcrisp in two tries. I think they bought the cheapest discards someone was dumping and sent them out for any order mentioning blueberry.

I hope your Sweetcrisp are as good as mine were this year!!

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)


Springhill is about 15 miles from me and I have never heard of them......do you have a physical address?

Like fruitnut said #1 is the real deal others not.

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Wow. Good catch. I went to each web site and enlarged the photos as best I could. Looks like the same building to me. Even if it were the same architect, surely the client would have picked some different color say for the siding, roofing or brick work. And while the Oasis Tropical Plant website suggests that you drop in, I can't find an address anywhere on their website. Does anyone have a physical address for this store?

A website for west Florida Better Business Bureau lists 13 complaints against Tropical Plants and Trees since 8/2012. This website has several areas for the business's address. But only phone number, city, and state are listed. Doesn't sound like this "business" has a physical presence that they want to share with the public.

And of course, there have been large numbers of complaints on this forum

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

bamboo rabbit,
Like Isoh wrote,there is no street address and I think they ask people to send an email for directions.Seems kind of odd.I'd want to have my address on my website to get more foot traffic.
During the negotiations for price of the Ebay plants,the owner bragged about how he had different locations around the country.
On one of the emails after buying the plants,it listed Dr. Michael Taylor PhD
Flat Rock, MI 48134
So,I don't know what the deal is about this outfit. Brady

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)


It is just a scam.......sadly Florida tends to draw these types as we have a long growing season and a couple of very large and diverse tissue culture labs.

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

Thanks fruitnut,I've just tried the first few Sweetcrisp.
In an earlier post,I think one of your descriptions was meaty.That is accurate.I might have picked them a little too soon,because although they were sweet,they weren't like say,Misty,which to me tastes like candy.
A good berry though,thanks. Brady

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