Illinois Everbearing Mulberry

lawanddisorder(6)June 25, 2013

I have an Illinois Everbearing Mulberry tree that I got in the early spring and it has a handful of tiny mulberries on it, and I'm wondering if it will continue to grow more berries throughout the summer.

The berries that are on it, grew from the first 12 -18 inches of new growth and have been on the tree since it began its growth this spring. So far, one berry has ripened and was delicious.

I haven't noticed any new berries grow since the initial berry production in early spring.

Since it is an "everbearing" mulberry, does that mean new berries should continue to grow throughout the growing season, or just that the berries that are already on the tree will ripen sporadically throughout the season?


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IE here typically bears continuous waves of fruit for 6-8 weeks, usually from mid-late May, through mid July. YMMV

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