chrssyeldridge(9)June 4, 2012

Hello All,

I am new to the site and hopefully am doing this correctly.

I planted some strawberries for the very first time. I have noticed some mushrooms growing right under the leaves of the strawberries. Dark pointy tops.

Question 1. Is this dangerous to eat the berries?

2. Can I get rid of the mushrooms?

Thanks in advance :)

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1 - no, not dangerous.

2 - the real question is why you have mushrooms growing in your strawberry bed. It could be a sign of other potential problems. Did you perchance use wood chip mulch? That would explain it. Is your bed sited where trees used to grow? Are you overwatering the strawberries? Is it very shady there?

If none of these potential problems exist and the mushrooms just bug you, treat them like any weed and hoe them out.

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THANKS! Good to know that it's not dangerous.

No I used straw when I planted them because it said to on the planting instructions. They were a root when I got them in the mail. No tree there used to be FILLED with grass that I am still having a war with. Partal shade and maybe too much water....

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