spraying apple and pear trees

katies_dadJune 9, 2008

I have 3 apple and 2 pear trees in my back yard. Does anyone know if it is too late in the year to spray them and if not what type of spray should I use. I have never sprayed them before but for the first time the pear trees are showing alot of young bulbs on them and I don't want to lose them.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

I'd watch for fireblight on the pears. Pears seem to not require a whole lot of spraying. I haven't touch mine and it looks great.

I just spray for Cedar rust on my apples, which Immunox has worked well for. Other then that i'm bagging my apples this year so i got that part of it covered.

I also have a bad case of Rose Chafers, but that is very dependent on location (sandy soils) and i've been spraying Sevin for that, but i might switch to Imidacloprid and buy some traps.

You might want to think about thinning really soon, if you haven't done it yet.

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nick123(z4b / sunset 44)

A general purpose fruit tree spray should cover most of any problems that you encounter. Check with your local garden center for a recommendation for your area.

Personally, I spray my apples and pears with a mixture of captan (fungicide), sevin, and permethrin. And I dust them with Bordeaux (antibacterial). What bugs sevin doesn't take care of, permethrin does, and vice versa.

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