Contorted Jujube Root system - how invasive and strong is it?

729zoomJune 5, 2013

I planted a Contorted Jujube tree in the upper tier of a dry stacked natural stone raised bed about 2 weeks ago.

Since, I have read a few horror stories about the invasive jujube root systems (e.g. sending out suckers 30' feet away) so my main question is this:

Are the roots strong enough to move/break through a stone wall (the way bamboo would) or can the stone contain it properly? The bed is about 4' wide, 2' deep and 18" high. And it sits on top of another bed about 18" high.

If I need to move it, can you grow a contorted jujube in a whisky barrel?

How tall and wide will a contorted grow? Is it larger or smaller as compared to other varieties?

Thank you to anyone who might shed some light on this for me.

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I have a contorted, 7 years old, 15 ft high, 10 ft wide. I've had suckers 35 ft away. My guess is your stone wall will block the roots; unless there's a very good water source on the other side of the wall. The jujube will get to water no mater what it needs to do. In my yard the suckers don't damage anything, but I wouldn't plant close to my house, it'd find the water pipes

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WOW! 35 feet away! Well, I am going give it a water source going down (drive a pipe in ground next to it and water inside the pipe). Someone recommended that I put 3' deep sheet metal on inside of planter to protect the wall. it doesn't have mortar, just dry stacked stones so it wouldn't last long if the jujube is strong. Thanks for your response.

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Forgot to ask how you water your jujube? Do you have water going directly to it and is it suckering in a lawn that gets regular water? Also, do you have sprinklers? Drip?

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My jujube is 10 feet away from a section of the lawn watered by a sprinkler; all the suckers are in this watered section. I've always felt/hoped that once the roots found a good source of water they would be happy and not be too bothersome; though this may take some time to see. If you're watering the jujube, hopefully the roots won't need to spread too much.

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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)

You've got me worried now. I am just about to permanently plant my two jujubes. Should I take precautions to prevent suckering before I plant?

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Suckers don't bother me, they're easy to mow/cut. And most posters don't seem too worried about the roots; maybe because we only get 35" of rain, so my jujube goes searching for more water--areas with more water might not have suckers so far from the tree.

But I'd never plant a jujube close to a house. I've heard horror stories from Korea, roots getting into pipes and foundations. Some friends just took their jujube out, they got tired of the thorny suckers showing up in the vegetable and flower gardens.

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I am planning to buy this plant. I have limited space. Is it worth having? how does the fruit tastes.

Can you please post your plant pictures.

THank you,

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This contorted is my favorite of my 10 or so jujube varieties. Bore fruit 2nd year, A very round shaped tree its the prettiest of my jujubes, The branches are loaded every year with great tasting fruit.

OTOH, I planted 2 more contorted at my office 3 miles away, & after 4 years they're only 6 ft tall & I only get a half dozen fruit each year. I have no idea why the trees turned out so differently.

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Do you have indian Jujube and thai giant jujube? I Heard its not cold hardy. I have got one indian jujube but its in the pot inside, planning to plant it outside, this year. Can I plant it outside?

what are the other varieties you have? and any suggestions on varieties?

Thank you for the immediate reply.

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No I haven't tried any of the Indian jujube's; Dallas is supposedly too cold, & they're not supposed to taste very good.

I like Sugar Cane. Also Honey Jar, Shihong, Li, & Winter Delight. Honey Jar is the best tasting but is the smallest.

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