Blueberry leaves issue, Help, curled up and burned

mmgracetiggerJune 5, 2013

I have 6 dwarf blueberry trees in 30 Gallon Smart Pots (24"x 16.5"H ) in zone 9B-10 area.

Recently, I see some "curled" and "burned/ red" at the tip of the some leaves, and I'm not sure what cause it.

I've been watering the trees with some vinegar on regular basis and adding the liquid-Iron about every month. All other leaves seem ok, but it has few leaves like this on every plant.
Is this disease or some other issue?

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More picture~

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Given how good your plant looks that's not an issue in my book. Blueberries are prone to firing up a few leaves. Any more I don't care at all unless it's widespread or looks like a pH issue. Yours isn't a pH issue, sail on.

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I agree not to worry unless the issue seems to worsen. Your plants look pretty healthy to me.

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I saw a similar post and I wonder if it is the dark color mulch is absorbing sunlight and getting hot. This would mean that only leaves very close to the mulch will show this problem.

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shazaam(NC 7B)

That's a great looking blueberry! You've obviously done your research, because it looks like your bushes are off to a fantastic start. As others have said, there's no need to worry about the few unhealthy leaves at this point.

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Thanks for the encouragement! :)

I'm so glad all the hard work is finally rewarding. The PH was pretty off like 6 months ago (see picture) and it's finally looking better now after the adjustment.

Since, you guys said it's ok to have some problem leaves, I'm going to leave it like that,.... but should I cut of the stem or just not doing anything?

Regarding to whether if the mulch is the reason for this, I do see some other problem areas at the higher level of the plants.... Not sure....

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Off topic, but how do you like those smart pots?

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Mmgrace, your blueberry looks great. Are these 'Bountiful Blue' variety?

Could you please share your experience with smart pots


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The smart pots are cheaper than getting the big size planters, but the only problem is the water sometime comes out the pot from the mid-height point instead of going all the way down and drain out from the bottom.
And something I should've done is to put something in between the concrete pad and the pot, because I heard the heat from the concrete pad is not good for the roots. (But it's too late now :( )

I got the BB plants from a website (, and it's called "Blueberry - Sunshine Blue (Mid-Late Harvest) ". I had it a little over a year, had flowered this early spring, but I didn't let it fruit because I heard that will help strengthen the plat~ So, I can't really tell if that will produce good fruits our not...

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