Pruning Blackberries and Everbearing Raspberries?

cthomas1983June 29, 2013

I am familiar with cutting to the ground after this year's harvest for the blackberries as well as the summer harvest for the raspberries, but my questions are:
This years new growth that will produce fruit next year, do you prune these back in the fall? If so how much do you typically cut back? I have some new growth that started this spring and is already 10-11ft tall.

Everbearing Raspberries:
The new growth this year that will produce in the fall, what do you do after the harvest is over?

Thanks in advance

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Blackberries: Cutting back during the growing season will cause the remaining cane to branch out and that increases berry production next year.

You can prune at any time to a size that is convenient for you.

In some locations the canes will still be growing in the fall; pruning the main cane then will result in shorter branching or no branching.

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