Potential Apples to Graft

megamav(5a - NY)June 21, 2012

I have a crab apple out in front of my house that I would like to convert over to a 4 variety tree.

Im in Zone 5a/5b right on the line.

This tree now gets full sun, about 8 hours worth.

I've been thinking about varieties to graft onto it next year or over the course of a few years.

Calville Blanc D'hiver - This one is a must, it made a great pie last year. Bought the apples from an orchard about 45 minutes south of here. It would do well where I am. This is the only variety im unwilling to give up on.

Spigold - Never had one, but ive heard good things and its native to this area. I'll have to try one in the fall since a couple of orchards have them, but they're late season, so most orchards close their doors in November when these are picked.

Suncrisp - Maybe, I had a few of these, they were picked too early, but were still very good, just crisp and tart.

Akane - My girlfriend likes these,, they're crisp and sweet like fruit punch when picked, not a keeper, but would be a nice early apple to have.

Freyberg - This is purely going off of Scott Smith's praise of this apple. Sounds like a more tart Sweet 16. I think it would compliment my Kidd's Orange Red tree well, same type of parents, different interpretation and presentation.

Abbondanza - Another Scott Smith recommended apple, not sure how well these hold up to a lot of sun, Scott mentioned they do well in shade for him.

Empress - Since I like Jonamac so much... Not sure where I'd find wood for this one, but it sounds like a stronger flavored Jonamac.

Ellison's Orange - Unique, but probably not my first choice. If I HAD to put a unique graft on, I'd probably pick this one or the Empress.

Golden Delicious - OK, you think im nuts, but I had a bunch of these fresh off the tree, into cold storage at 40 degress for 6 weeks, and it was probably the most popping, juicy dessert apple I had on the season. Not a likely candidate just because they're so prevalent, but it is worth noting.

Varieties I've talked myself out of: Northern Spy, Golden Russet, Jonathan, Ashmead's Kernel, Newtown Pippin.

Anyone with experience like to comment on any of these?

Im open to different alternatives as well.



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dmtaylor(5a (WI))

Regarding Empress and Jonamac... you've clued into something very interesting. Jonamac is my all-time favorite apple, and you are correct that Empress is like it but even stronger flavored. Empress tastes like no other apple on earth. It has a strong anise or black licorice type flavor. I got mine from Maple Valley Orchards here in Wisconsin. The owner, Tony Dembski, says it tastes like cherries. I think I can see that as well. Best description might be like a cross of red and black licorice! Maple Valley will also sell you the scion wood for Empress and many other varieties so you can graft your own. Very reputable orchard there. Check out their full list at: http://maplevalleyorchards.com/Pages/ScionWood.aspx

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megamav(5a - NY)

You and I share the same favorite then.
I still have yet to find an apple that beats Jonamac.

Thanks for the link, if I have problems finding wood over the winter, I'll definitely put in the order. They have other varieties im targeting too!


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