can i freeze apricots with the skins on?

supercurrymaxJune 19, 2012

We are getting quite a few apricots off our tree and I don't want to many to go to waste. I've tried peeling the apricots but the skins don't want to come off and if it is OK I'd like to just freeze them skin on. Is this a doable solution?

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alan haigh

Why not. I've never heard of skinning apricots for culinary purposes- but then I don't read many recipes. Their skins are quite tender.

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Just be sure to pit them first.

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I would be hesitant to freeze apricots with skin - they are a soft-fleshed fruit and their texture will be ruined through freezing. If you've ever used frozen berries such as blueberries or strawberries, you know that after being reconstituted they are mushy and suitable only for jams, pies, toppings, etc.

If you have to freeze your apricots, you can leave the skin on but be sure to slice or chop them. Later on you can use them for baking, sauces, and so on. Otherwise, consider canning or making jam out of extra fruit! It is surprisingly easy and there are plenty of recipes out there. This way your fruit will last throughout the year!

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Oh, and I should have mentioned that the REASON fruits don't hold their texture after freezing is because fruits are largely water, and when freezing, the water in their cells expands and bursts the cell walls, destroying their structure. Vegetables like carrots, potatoes, broccoli and so on freeze much better because they have more rigid cell walls and less water content!

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Apricots dry well, too.

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I freeze a lot of fruit I buy if I don't use it all and pull out some to put in sauces and mustard I make. I'd do a similar thing with the apricots.

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You should know they will turn brown and mushy when frozen.

Carla in Sac

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Freeze whole in vitamin C to avoid discoloration. Pits pop right out when thawed and make fine cobblers! Lost a tree last year, but still have apricots in the freezer hoping these younger trees will hurry up. So, yes, leave the skin on.

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par-boil for three minutes (in boiling water), remove skin then freeze.

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