invisible caterpillars?

oldryderJune 4, 2012

I have what looks like caterpillar damage on some of my apple trees and my rhubarb plants have been decimated.

I have found the occasional caterpillar on my trees. They're not the green stripe eastern tent caterpillars I've had issues with before as I've learned to kill them in their nests.

I also sprayed BT twice so far this year on the apple trees but I still see leaf damage which looks like caterpillars despite the fact that with very few exceptions I've seen no caterpillars.

So ...

if caterpillars where do I look for them?

if not, then what.

any reason not to keep spraying with BT? some other pesticide recommended?

thx in advance for help.

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Well, the only thing is, if they're not caterpillars but some other insect, Bt won't do it. I'd use something else just to be sure.

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