Golden delicious red-ish when young?

Dan.NYJune 18, 2012

I have a red and yellow delicious trees that were accidentally mixed up at planting. The one I thought was yellow and I recall looked yellow last year, seems to have redish streaks on it this year. Still small but I do see red on it. The other tree also has red on the fruit.

Does the golden have some red in it while young??


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Pretty much any apple can have some red pigmentation on the skin when about ping pong ball size or larger if exposed to sunlight. The ones on the shady parts of the tree not so much, from my experience. I don't think it has much bearing on what the ultimate color is going to be, as some of this pigmentation comes and goes with weather, sunlight, etc.

At least the above has been my experience based on observation. Your mileage, as they say, may vary.

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Yeah, I was just noticing yesterday that my Dorsett Golden and maybe Hudson's Golden Gem or was it Golden Russet had some pretty good blush on the golf ball sized fruits.

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