Raspberry replanting questions

eboone_gwJune 27, 2013

I have had an everbearing red raspberry patch for many years, unknown variety given to me by a friend. The past few years the patch has declined dramatically, with fewer, smaller friable berries, shorter canes, not responding to modest fertilizing. The foliage looks normal. I am assuming from doing a little reading that this is a virus infection and I will have to replant.
Questions: How far away from this row will I need to put the new plants to prevent re-infection?
Is it possible to prevent reinfection?
My yellow Fall Gold everbearing rasberries are about 50' from the above red raspberry patch, what can I do to protect them (they seem normal so far)?
I will be converting a lawn area to raspberry rows and want to make some raised beds with borders - will treated wood be an issue with raspberries? Suggested alternatives?
Last, what varieties would you recommend for PA?

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bonnan(6 & 5)

eboone, I would suggest Caroline and or Prelude. I have a fairly large patch in Mercer Cty and they are doing fine. Also have Heritage and Boyne varieties. They were all purchased from Indiana Berry; reasonable and very good quality.

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Composite (plastic and wood) decking boards can be used for raised bed perimeters. Not as stiff as wood so you might want to put a vertical post every 4 feet (in addition to corner posts) to keep it from bowing outward. Could get expensive.

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