Wilted boysenberry/berry vine?

your-nibsJune 17, 2012


I recently received a few bare root boysenberry plants by mail on Friday, but due to some last minute family stuff wasn't able to plant them until yesterday (Saturday). Two of them are recovering nicely, but one still looks a little sad. They've been sufficiently watered, gently trellised and placed in partial sunlight. This is my first time trying to grow a berry vine, so is there anything else I could/should be doing? I've poked around but haven't found any particular advice.

Any help is much appreciated!

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Give em time, all plants take awhile to get their roots situated and once they get their roots down the above ground portion you are seeing with respond. This may take a couple or a month or longer. Just keep them moist, baby them along. If you notice the hot sun makes their leaves droop you can put something in front of them to shade them during the hottest part of the day for a couple weeks until they adjust. I fertilize my boysens with miracle grow every few weeks and they have really taken off. I'm in just the secon year and already have quite a few berries. Good luck.


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Yes,keep them well watered and it's probably okay to prune them back a little to let the roots catch up with the top.
I usually soak bare root plants in water for a couple hours before planting,but if the soil is kept moist,that should do it.
I've read they like compost towards Winter. Brady

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