Strawberries flower and die

Miss_HabaneroJune 12, 2014

Hi guys. I'm back with more newbie questions. The blueberries are thriving, by the way. Thanks to all for their advice :)

So my kids picked out some strawberry plants and one of them had a berry starting on it already. The other ones have perked up and gotten big and leafy (yay!), flowered (bigger yay!), and then the flowers died (cue the sad face).

Not quite sure what's going on here. The leaves are big, green, and healthy with no holes or spots or anything. The stems look great. I water deeply once a day in early morning. The one with the berry is doing fine, that berry is still growing, but the rest just flower and the flowers die off.

Similar thing happening to my peppers and tomatoes in the same bed, they'll flower and some of the flowers will fruit and some will just die.

I would appreciate input from any of the green thumbed posters out there. Thank you!


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Hab, Is here a chance that you can post a picture of the plants that the blossoms are dying on?

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Ask and you shall receive.

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