Confusing Munger Black Raspberry Photo

jstubbs_gwJune 12, 2014

Has any one else looked at the picture in the StarkBros catalog (or on the website) for Munger black raspberry (link below) and thought that it seems as though the berries pictured are not hollow but rather have the 'rasp' inside them, like a blackberry would?

I've puzzled over this for a while and can't quite figure it out- it sure doesn't look like their images of other raspberries but, I would think that a company like them wouldn't accidentally photograph blackberries instead of black raspberries.

Anyone actually have munger and if so, do they look like the picture at StarkBros?

Here is a link that might be useful: Munger Picture

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Those are clearly blackberries. That kind of thing makes me angry.

It makes you wonder if their other pictures of varieties are of the correct variety, or just any stock photo of the type of fruit.

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Perhaps a mix-up. 18 of their 19 raspberry images are correct, or, they didn't have a Munger photo and tried to be sneaky.

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18 of 19 are the correct cultivar, or 18 of 19 are raspberries?

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Well, they are all raspberries and of the right color. For the potential plant buyer, that is the best a small catalog image can do. There is no scale to provide size difference, especially when many are shown massed in containers or hand.

Moot point, as the Starks image has been corrected. Now they are 19 for 19!

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