Apple Scion Regraft - Healthy or not?

megamav(5a - NY)June 25, 2013

For you apple grafters out there, have you seen this? (click to enlarge)

I just noticed this yesterday, and im not sure what to think of it.

Scion: Calville Blanc d'Hiver
Stock: Crabapple

This is a June regraft, I had to regraft this branch because the previous scions on it didnt take.

On one scion, the fuzzy part of the bud husk, its colored orange, on the other scion its white, like silver tips.

Didnt notice this yesterday on the tree, we received a burst of rain getting the tree wet.

I took the loose husks off to examine the undergrowth, it appears to be orange as well.

Is this indicative of fireblight, or just the tree pushing sap and the sap discoloring the husk? The sap color of the tree is identical to this.

I dont recall seeing this on the other grafts, but I didnt pay that close attention.

Anything to be concerned about?
Growth is green.
I hope its not dead, its been moving quite a bit.


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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Could be related to how old the scion is. Nothing I would worry about.

I'm about to go out to re-graft a couple varieties that suddenly died due to fireblight in the roots. I have learned to grab some wood with dormant buds when I first see it dying, fatten it up by soaking ends in water, then bud to some tree.


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I think you have a flower bloom coming on. I have had that. Pinch it off when it get out. Don't waste plant energy letting it bloom out. Don't call it a success until you get a couple inches if new stem growth on one of those buds. I would put it where it gets shade from about 2pm to 7pm for a couple weeks and be sure the graft can keep up. I have regrafted late with good success.

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