I knew it would happen

franktank232(z5 WI)June 18, 2012

Some pluots...all were hit recently. Never seen such late egg laying activity. My God the season for these things is long, having seen scars as far back as early April. These pluots were clean 10 days ago.

from today

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Same here. These were all hit way after the degree days for curculio were supposed to be over. You can see some of the larvae up in the corner. A lot of the infested fruits are prematurely colored but way too small for ripe.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

I've noticed that plums will turn purple when they get infested and then drop...its a telltale sign the plum is screwed. I have no idea what is up this year. If you look at it, i'd have to still be spraying for PC...i've never had PC and Rose Chafers active at the same time...

I started looking at Phosmet on EBAY. These things are a cancer in my yard.

A neighbor guy down the block, 83 year old, sawed his Honeycrisp right off the other day because the pests ruined his entire crop again and that is after spraying heavily...

I'll take a normal winter and normal spring over this any day. I'm guessing, but I bet i've picked up well over 100 apples and as many plums with PC damage...the peaches have done a little better...so far.

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It's crazy. The cherries were fine. The cots are fine. Both kinds of plums are toast.

The data I have says PC activity is supposed to be over by 600 b50 degree days. We're almost at 900 now, but I spotted and squished one of those things only last week.

And now it's the Japanese beetles.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

Not sure if you've read or seen this book, but its very informative and you'll learn a lot about the plum curculio and its habits. The one main thing I got away from it is pears are *almost* PC proof and they don't seem to like fuzzy peaches...


Give it a read sometime...

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I had the same thing this year, mainly on plums and nectarines. The late bites are more at the tops of the fruits as opposed to the tips. I don't recall many of them at all past years so it must be related to the odd spring weather patterns.


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I spray with Imidan for the past 8 years on my peaches, apples and cherries. GREAT results controlling PC until this year. 2 of my reliance peaches have fruit so scarred
by curculio that it would look like I never sprayed!

This is the first year Imidan failed me on curculio control. I did spray every 10-12 days from petal fall until JUne 15th. I now am on a summer spray schedule of
every 14 days.

I have a 3rd Reliance peach at a different site (my house) and Imidan did a good job on curculio control on that tree.
My orchard site where the first 2 peaches are is near a woods so I suppose the level of curculio is higher there.

I can only hope next year for better results on curculio control.

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I've been seriously rethinking triazicide, but if Imidan isn't working, I don't know what would. Are we seeing a New, Improved PC?

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franktank232(z5 WI)

I know what you are saying. Last year I used it on apples and I swear it had no effect... I thought i had mixed it wrong.

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