Timing of Peach Thinning

lovinridgebacksJune 18, 2012

I planted an "instant orchard" Belle of Ga. peach tree a few years ago. This is what I would consider the 2nd year of fruiting. Last year, technically might not have been a rushed 1st year and all dropped off but a prized one peach due to peach curl. This year, I sprayed with copper and no major peach drop. I thinned the fruit a little later anticipating some drop (probably about the size of a quarter) and then waited. No drop. I counted and had 500 peaches on my tree. I then freaked out that I was sabotaging myself and would have too many pits and not enough peaches. I thinned again about a month later. Although they are more like the recommended 6 inches apart...their are still a good 200-250 remaining on the tree. For futures years, did I mess anything up by waiting too long to thin besides maybe a bit of size? If I continue to thin does it help the remaining peaches get a little bigger or is there a point it doesn't effect anything and is pointless? 2nd Question....I only fertilized in early April instead of early March. What effect will this have and what effect would I have if i added more fertilizer at this point? I might not have used enough given I can't even remember how much I put down of 10-10-10. The tree is about 4-5 in diameter tree.

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blazeaglory(10 SZ22/24 OC Ca)

I would feed it again in the start of Fall to feed it for the winter sleep and start of spring flush...250 peaches sounds like ALOT. Sounds good to me. If you get all 250 peaches from one tree to harvest I would consider that pretty damn good...Lol Lets hope they taste good with no disease:-)

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