Apples: Bags, Burning, Birds

tedgrowsit(6b PA)June 28, 2012

A number of my apples are in ziploc bags on the tree. Lately we have had a few days in the mid to upper 90's, and it seems as though apples in bags get scalded quicker than apples out of the bags. Anyone else have this experience? How about birds? What birds stick their beaks deeply into your apples? I have red bellied woodpeckers and blue jays. The woodpeckers seem to be the worst. Ted

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My Liberty, Macs and Gravensteins have rotted from the sun in ziplocks. It seemed to be the ones that got full sun. I'm not taking any chances I took the bags off of all of them. I'm going to give them a spray of bug killer just to make sure.

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The only ones I've seen this happen with have not been bagged. But I'll be keeping an eye on them in this heat.

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No such problems here when bagged.

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I lost about 40 out of 200 because of scalding/burning in the bags in the past week or so. I switched a lot of them to footies and left the more shaded ones in the ziplocks. I have some apple maggot traps I need to put up next and hope the footies work as well as the ziplocks for bug protection.

No real bird problems except for blueberries which i have finally netted well enough to keep them out. (only one invader this year).

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