PARAFILM - Where to buy!!!

karanb1r(9)June 10, 2012

Ive been looking for a roll of parafilm and checked amazon a while back... and they only had poly budding tape.

I checked again yesterday out of curiosity, and they had Parafilm in two sizes and in 90' rolls.

.5 inches + shipping comes to 07.75

1. inches + shipping comes to 10.08

They ship fast!!! I ordered Friday night, and they already shipped. It arrives monday!


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alan haigh


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I've always been happy with the service and prices from these guys: Midwest Vineyard Supply.

Here is a link that might be useful: Parafilm source

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Hahaha, this reminds me of my father-in-law who was madly searching for the stuff when my husband and I were in college. He wanted it for grafting, and we used it every day in chemistry lab. It still took him months to tell us the name Parafilm. Luckily, DH worked at 3M and could buy it in their employee store.
Hmm, perhaps I should acquire a roll before all my chemistry friends get their PhD's and move away. I might want to graft in the future!

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Had occasion, this spring, while doing a grafting demonstration for local Master Gardeners class at the Cooperative Extension Service office, to try some of the Parafilm Grafting tape.
Compared to the standard 'Parafilm M' laboratory film, I found it to be an inferior product.
Keep in mind, however, that I was introduced to using Parafilm M for grafting purposes from the very outset of my grafting 'career', nearly 20 years ago, so I'm very comfortable with it.
I'm fortunate to be employed in a laboratory setting, so it's easy for me to procure Parafilm whenever I need it, and just reimburse the lab for the cost of a roll. But, it's readily available from a number of sources on the Internet - just Google 'Parafilm M'.
I get the 2"x250' roll(prices I've seen are around $20); I usually cut off 6" sections, and split each of those lengthwise into three ~3/4" wide strips; that size seems to work best for the vast majority of grafts that I do.
That 250-ft roll usually lasts me 3 years or so.

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Lucky, that's interesting. Thanks for the information.

This raises a question though for me: does parafilm lose quality in storage, or are there quality variations?

I ask because I have a roll of parafilm that I've used happily in the past but which seemed less flexible and less self-adhesive this year; I threw away the first several feet and it seemed like the inside of the roll improved some. Maybe it was a little colder this year?

Just thoughts ...



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The manufacturer says 'shelf life of 3 yrs without deterioration if stored between 7C and 32C at 50% humidity'.
I have proof that it does deteriorate under some storage conditions.
A couple of years back, they were cleaning out a storage room in the basement of the lab here, and came across a case of Parafilm M - in the 20"x50'rolls - probably purchased long before I came to work here, 18 years ago. Storage room is pretty warm at times - probably well outside of the recommended temperature range.
The Parafilm in question is slightly yellowed, and breaks much more readily, when stretched, than 'fresh' stuff. I still have a couple rolls of the stuff here in my office, but it's frustrating to work with - I'd rather pay 20 bucks for a new roll than use the old stuff that was free.

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