Grafting onto older peach tree

eboone_gwJune 4, 2013

I am going to be selling a property where I have two prized peach trees, a Raritan Rose and a White Lady, in December. I would like to try to graft from these trees some buds/scions onto an 18 year old Encore peach tree at my home (tree is still going strong). From reading thru these forums and from reading about grafting on some other sources, it looks like my best option is to do some bud grafts or chip budding this summer onto some established branches. I may not have access to the trees after the property is sold. Is that the best option, or have I missed something else that would work?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

A younger tree would be easier. Sometimes a bud or graft onto an old tree is hard to force into growth unless the tree is cut way back. A younger tree budded low and then most of the top cut off to force growth has better odds of growing and living much longer.

So buy any younger peach or nectarine and bud it over to your varieties. You could do it while the new tree is potted. T budding works great for me and can be done right now. If that fails try again in August. If that fails graft the tree next spring with wood you collect in Dec.

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Thanks for the help. There are some ~$20 potted peach trees available at the nearby Lowes and Walmart that I could use...
If I did T budding or chip budding now on the new tree, It would be done with 2 buds (for insurance) on the trunk below the existing short branches, right? And then you would wait several weeks for the buds to heal, then remove the trunk above the grafts and expect them to grow this season?

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Another question - could you put buds onto the new young tree and expect to save some of the original tree's buds and thereby get 2 varieties on same tree? One variety available locally is a Garnet Beauty which would be a good variety for me as it would extend my peach harvest season a little earlier - could I bud a few Raritan Rose buds onto the trunk below the existing tiny shoots and expect to get both varieties on the same tree without removing all of those existing branches? is my question clear? Grafting is a new idea to me but am willing to experiment.

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