Plums and other fruits protection from PC and OFM

Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)June 2, 2013

I did some testing of zip lock bagging and Bouffant disposable hair net on the plums and apples to see which one can withstand severe weather and strong winds. Three days ago we had wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour and the Bouffants won the test. One third of the bagged apples snapped off the branches. All the Bouffant wrapped fruits stayed intact. The Bouffants had tiny little holes for water and air passed through and they were lighter than the sandwich zip lock bags. Next year I will go with the Bouffants on the plums.


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Interesting way to wrap.

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


The plum fruit's stems are very weak. Doing it this way I can wrapped 2 to 3 plums in the Bouffant without touching the fruits.


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Very interesting use of the hair nets. Will that fabric prevent mold / brown rot spores from passing thru ?

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


So far, the plums look good without any bite mark. I am not sure if it will prevent mold/brown rot spores. I lived in a windy open part of the golf course and our summer is not as humid as in the East coast. If someone in the East coast would try it out and report the result that would be helpful.


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The hair nets you are using-are they the standard type used in food prep or medical applications? How expensive are they per box? I am sure that the real cost is in your labor in tying them on. And what are you using to tie them on - in the picture I can't tell if that is string or rubber bands. I have just planted several Japanese plums this year, might not have many plums to protect for a few years, but I might give that a trial on a peach tree or 2 next year. I wonder if a spray gets thru the hair net if needed for fungus/rot.

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


I worked in surgery and saved the old hair nets. You can buy it online. I will attach the site in the link.


Here is a link that might be useful: Hair nets

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