They only eat PART of the strawberry

HotHabaneroLady(7a Central MD)June 3, 2014

I just stepped out to eat the first strawberry of the year. As so often happens, I discovered a rich, red, luscius fruit attached to the plant . . . with a big bite taken out of it.

I have a neighborhood full of squirrels, rabbits, mice, chipmunks, raccoons and all sorts of other critters along with insects, so I am well aware that whatever I get to eat will be their left overs. But every year I wonder why I find fruits on the plant with just one bite eaten. Why do they not remove it from the stem? Or at least eat the whole thing?


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well they was leaving you a sample of the berry ;) , dang birds are nailing me this spring , the netting goes up tomorrow

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

I know that it is a rabbit that is nibbling only part of my strawberries. Brady

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Many animals only eat part of the fruit. Sometimes I think it's because they are trying to perpetuate the plant. The half they don't eat rots and nourishes the seeds, which will plant itself and feed the animals offspring. It's a theory, I have no evidence.

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Haven't you ever opened a box of chocolates, taken one and take a bite of it, and then put the uneaten half back, hoping you could find a better chocolate? Every box of chocolate that makes it into my house at one point is mostly comprised of half eaten chocolates.

Slugs annoy me with the strawberries. It seems like they hit lots of berries a little bit, but if they would just focus on a few fruit they would be able to eat just as much and leave lots of untouched berries. But no, they mar everyone they can reach.

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ernie85017, zn 9, phx

Mine are like that from the rolypolys.

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