Strawberries with mildew, but taste good?

_Sola_June 21, 2013


I am growing some strawberries and I was worried the plants had powdery mildew. The leaves were curled up, although the plants are very tall and otherwise vigorous and healthy. I spayed with a milk solution, hoping that would help. The berries are developing well; they are large and turning red the ripe ones taste very good. However they look unsightly like they have a very thin layer of mildew. I think they had it before I spayed the milk solution.

Any ideas what this might be? I thought that powdery mildew caused the berries to taste moldy.

Thanks for your help!

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It the berries taste OK, what's a little mildew? I would just go ahead and ignore it. We are having so much rainfall in Wisconsin this summer, that people are beginning to notice moss growing in their ears. I suppose that you could weed the strawberries, and maybe thin them a bit, to get more sunlight down in there. If there are nearby trees that are shading the strawberry patch, they could be pruned back.

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