Goldmine Nectarine has leaf spot or leaf scorch?

backyardorchardJune 22, 2013

My Goldmine Nectarine tree was growing beautifully until i noticed a bunch of leaves turning yellow. The whole tress is infected by tiny spots, then they turn yellow and fall. I'm guessing over 40+ leaves have fallen of my young tree. I live in a dry area and its been around 90+ regularly. Is my tree dying? Does my tree have bacterial leaf spot? Leaf Scorch? how can i treat it?

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More pictures

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Hard to say for sure by just a close up photo. I would snip off some of the leaves, stick them in a ziplock bag, and take it to a local nursery professional. You may need to call around if you don't know of a local nursery with trained pros on staff.

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update: almost all the leaves fell off

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looks like some type of bacterial spots to me. You can try fungicide spray and keep the tree well watered and see how your tree respond.

the key is prevention with dormant spray in the winter, hopefully your tree bounces back, good luck

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