mrsg47(7)June 19, 2012

I have a lot of 'Creeping Charlie weed'/ Ground Ivy in my lawn in my orchard. Can I spray Trimec on the lawn to kill the weeds and not hurt my trees? Thanks

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

what does the label say?

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Heck! After reading the label on line, it is a product pretty much like round up. Have to be very careful. Oh well. thanks

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Trimec has 2,4 D and dicamba in it (don't remember the third item that makes it "tri"). So you have to be very careful that drift doesn't get on your trees, you don't spray within drip line of trees and shrubs, not going to rain for a day at least as it can move in the soil, and if the day is humid or the next day this stuff can violatilize (in simple terms it evaporates in to a low lying cloud under certain conditions and . If you are using on a lawn for broadleaves this stuff is great, but any trees, shrubs, vegetables (tomatoes and strawberries especially), flowers you have to be doing so on a calm day with a hand-held sprayer. It is NOT similar to Round-up which pretty much kills or stunts everything (won't work on nutsedge, some dandelion that are resistant and thick cuticle plants like iris or day lilies). Round-up doesn't move in the soil and doesn't violatilize .

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Samsthumb! Thanks so much for the correction re: round-up vs Trimec. I now have no intention of using either. I'll just live with ugly ground ivy. Thanks so much for your in-depth answer. Mrs. G

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