Peach Tree Dropping Peaches

lawanddisorder(6)June 10, 2013

This morning I noticed that a young peach tree I have dropped three small peaches last night. There are probably 12 remaining peaches. The tree is potted. I don't know exactly how old it is, but I have had it for a year and bought it when the trunk was about an inch thick. It's about 6 feet tall. It was slightly infected with PLC this spring, but none of the peaches were near the deformed leaves and almost all the deformed leaves have already fallen and been replaced with new leaves. Except for dropping the peaches, it looks healthy

Why did the fruit drop early?

Did I leave too many peaches on it, as it is relatively young? Should I thin more now?

It rained a little over the past 24 hours, but nothing too severe. Is it common for average rain to knock young peaches off?

There are a ton of squirrels and birds around, but I haven't seen any messing with the actual tree branches or fruit.

Any ideas?

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You might cut open the dropped fruits to see if there are any larvae tunneling inside, as this is one reason for early drop. If you can identify them, it will help you know what to target in the future.

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mark_roeder(4B IA)

I am an amateur growing peaches in Iowa where there is no commercial production. Generally I get fruit here in the 3rd year after planting a grafted tree. But last year I had a good 2nd year tree that started to get fruit but with a late freeze lost them all. I think young and weak trees tend to lose fruit.

I have had weak trees and young trees that fruited and dropped their fruit. My stronger and more mature trees (planted for 3 years) have produced fruit.

I don't grow in a container. Is that common? Why is it not planted in your yard?

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There were no larvae or bugs in the fruit.

I have them in pots because I live in a rental home and plan to take them with me when I move.

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The dropped peaches may be ones that were not pollenated. If this is true, they will grow to a certain size and stop growing, and then fall off. There may be others that will continue to grow in size and these may stay on till harvest. My one peach tree has hundreds of peaches but only 20% will make it, then by the end of June most of the others (80%) will drop, and then at that time I will thin them if there is still too many. Did you notice the ones that fell off are small, and are any of the remaining fruit larger?

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