Apple's new HQ to have an orchard

franktank232(z5 WI)June 11, 2012

From what I understand this was the site of an apricot orchard so I guess its fitting:

"Apple�s "Spaceship" headquarters is still in the planning process, and brand spanking new documents were just released showing some eco-friendly additions.

Located in Cupertino, California the donut-shaped building�s interior will include a park/fruit farm surrounding a water fountain. This isn�t all for show. The fruit will be used in the headquarters cafeteria for more than 14,000 people to enjoy.

Employees will not only get to observe, but also eat tasty apples, plums and apricots. Apple trees, 243 to be exact, of 11 different varieties will be planted. Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Pink Lady and Sierra Beauty, to name a few, will grow in the park. Most will be heirloom.

A small apricot grove and 160 plum trees will thrive directly across from the apple trees. In addition to the delicious fruit, 6,000 trees will be scattered throughout the 150-acres of land.

The "spaceship" is to be completed by 2015. "

I'd imagine whoever takes care of that operation gets paid a hefty sum!

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Harvestman, calling Harvestman. Send them your resume ASAP!

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H-man would certainly be qualified. I think he even has a sister that he visits there.

It is a little difficult envisioning him as "The California Kid"

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Apple gets a lot of money from me. They should let me swing by and pick some apples!

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