Plantskyd blues

alan haighJune 20, 2012

Because of reports of it's long lasting effectiveness I decided to give Plantskyd a try. Problem is, I couldn't adequately dissolve the stuff to stop it from clogging my sprayer.

I ended up double straining it after shaking up quarts (cup of PS to quart of water) in a 2.5 gallon jug. When I left the dredges in the container it worked OK but that's way too much hassle for me. Might as well just buy powdered blood and add a sticker. I used to think Surround was a hassle but this stuff leaves chunks no matter how I tried to mix it.

Actually I used to hang small bottles of powdered blood mixed with water throughout my nursery. The problem was when you accidentally bump into it and get the fermented stuff on you. I had good luck with it as far as repelling deer and if you set it up so rain can't get in it will last the season.

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My spoiled quail eggs hung in bags seemed to work pretty well keeping deer away from individual small apple trees last year. Powdered blood sprinkled all over the tomatoes several times worked, too. But long term, I wonder if deer would become desensitized to these things and ignore them.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I also had problems with the stuff clogging a sprayer and someone recommended I just paint it on with a brush. So thats what I do now. I am now mainly using Deer Out, it comes in concentrate and sprays on very easily so its by far the easiest thing to use. That plus no stink.


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alan haigh

I may just stick to my tried and true whipped eggs mixed with dissolved Ivory soap. I've got deer coming through my property every night and as long as I spray every 2 weeks it works. In ten years they've not gotten used to it.

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I had the same problem as H-man with my 1st go round with Plant Skydd. I had mixed up about a gallon of the stuff. When it clogged in the sprayer, I just set the sprayer aside. Forgot about it for a couple of days because I used Liquid Fence that day.

About a week later, I shook up the blood mix really well in the sprayer, cleaned the nozzle and it worked great from then on with no clogging. It just needs a few days to completely "un-lump" and then shake well. I've done the mixing 4 or 5 days ahead of use since then and it always works great. The only problem is that is does stink more when you do it that way. I don't know why the directions don't avise doing that.

The results @ repelling deer has been flawless. There have been deer tracks right up to the sprayed plants but not one bite taken. I do agree that you do have to alternate repellants once in a while to keep them effective though.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Hman, I was having very good luck this year with every two weeks spraying Deer Out .. til I went out of town and got munched. Next time I drench with Deer Out plus a little blood right before leaving town.


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