Anyone grow Farthing SHB blueberry

rayrose(8)June 2, 2013

I'm considering trying Farthing SHB Blueberry and would like to hear any experiences with it. Mostly how does it taste?

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

Unfortunately I can't tell you how it tastes yet, as this is my 2nd year growing it and the berries aren't ripe yet. I can tell you that it is growing like a weed and has a sturdy habit, almost like a small tree. The farmer I bought it from told me that they REALLY produce once they get going. Mine has some berries this year but next year it should really put out. I know I'm in Z5, but figured I'd try it in a container. So far so good.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Flat where is blueberry taste must come later, bears are not happy. Production high over long period time slow ripen tricky find one without green taste then flat. I'll use what have Farlington plants as pollinators because long bloom stage. I recommend for pollinators only and trail.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

I've just eaten my first berries of Farthing this year. I think it has promise. It's second most crisp behind Sweetcrisp and good otherwise. It was highly recommended by Connie Horner the blueberry supplier in Georgia. I wanted 10 Sweetcrisp and she strongly recommended eight plus two Farthing.

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Fruitnut, do you think it's better than Santa Fe?
I only have room for 6 SHB plants and am planning on getting 2 Sweetcrisps, and one each of Windsor, Oneal, Sunshine Blue, and either Farthing, Santa Fe, Scintilla, or Chickadee. I know you grow yours in a greenhouse, but mine will be in the ground.
Any comments would be appreciated.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


It's really to soon for me to offer good advice. But if I were you I'd try the Farthing, Springhigh, or Snowchaser. However the later two are likely to bloom way to early in SC. Blueboy really likes Snowchaser and it would give you really early fruit if you could protect it from frost.

If it's just Farthing or Santa Fe I guess right now I'd say Farthing. But I have 9 years experience with one and two shots at the other. My first Farthing died, probably of stem blight, just as the first crop matured. So check out Farthing's stem blight resistance if that might be an issue.

Santa Fe is really sweet, low acid, and good flavor just soft. You won't find a tart berry in Santa Fe like you do in most especially if picked too soon. I did have one customer who prefered Santa Fe over Sweetcrisp which kinda floored me. But it takes all kinds.

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Thanks Fruitnut,
I've read that Snowchaser is susceptible to stem blight and Springhigh is attractive to flower thrips. Since I have a large rose garden, I get plenty of thrips, so scratch Springhigh. The only negative that I've read about Farthing is that it's partially self incompatible, and needs a pollinator. It's being marketed as a replacement for Windsor because of its low picking scar.
I may decide to scratch one of the Sweetcrisps and go with both Farthing and Santa Fe.

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I havent seen a southern high bush that isnt attractive to thirps so dont let that keep you from getting Springhigh. Thats one of the best early varieties and over all plants I have. Ive been covered up with thrips for 3 years but so far this year it hasnt been bad. I havent even sprayed for them this year so far. They really get cranked up here from mid July to Sept. Going to give Surround (Kayolin Clay) a try this year. Ive been using Spinosad but its tough on the beneficals as well.

Dont scratch off Sweetcrisp! Get 2 more than you think you need and I promise you will be getting more in a couple years!

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I get my thrips in May and June, and they ruin all of my light colored roses. They're virtually impossible to get rid of. Believe me, I've tried. Most rose exhibitors here, go around with a spray bottle of Sevin, and spray each individual bud before it begins to open, and then its only hit or miss. I don't get them on my rabbit eyes, so why would they go for SHB?

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I dont get them bad on rabbiteyes either. Ive noticed a little scaring on new growth on Woodard before and a touch on Beckyblue but your right, for the most part they leave the rabbiteyes alone. Not sure why? I believe Ive got a couple different kinds of thirps. Not 100% sure but I got some that hit the flowers in Feb/March then leave. Then mid summer they come back and get the new growth on SHB. Just in time to try and ruin your fruiting wood in Oct.

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