Mystery fruit planted by my dad

WhattheboyJune 14, 2012

My dad planted a fruit & forgot what fruit it is.It has a woody stem and I moved it from partial shade & sun to full sun and it started changing colors(green & red & purple).It still gets water once a day and it's been there for a year or so.It has not developed any flowers and grows pretty fast.Please give me the name of the plant ASAP & if you need more info(Photos,ect.) Thanks Guys

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Well, its either an apple or a pear, IMHO. Honestly, they generally look very different even as young seedlings. I am leaning about 80% towards apple. The branch structure and what I can see of the bark looks like apple. What is throwing me is the slightly glossy look to the leaves. Leaf shape isn't really right for pear, either. OTOH, the leaf margins seem to lack the fine dentition that apples have, although maybe some of the leaves in the upper part of the photo do have teeth.

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Does it show any tendency to be twining? The stem looks awfully thin for a year old apple or pear. I wonder...

Any fine hairs on the leaves?

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