earwigs IN my apple tree

thedarkness(5)June 12, 2013

so today, i was looking at my tree and noticed these gashes that have been there for a while(only 1 inch long, down to the wood) they have looked normal up untill now. i poked the loose bark around it, and an earwig came out! i did it again and again, maybe 10 earwigs in total. the tree looks healthy, leaves fruits and everything, except for these gashes at the trunk. i have 2 questions:
1.is this going to be very harmful to the tree?
2. if so, how the heck do i get them to go away?

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They will eat your fruit.
Put Sluggo Plus (NOT regular Sluggo, the Plus) around the trunk of the tree. Try and hose them out of your tree so they will fall off and find the bait. You could also try and sprinkle it in the cracks.

Carla in Sac

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so will it only affect the fruit or the overall health? can you think of any natural ways to get rid of them? I put down a tuna can with soy sauce and vege oil. also, a few days ago I made a garlic and soap spray, I'm guessing it doesn't affect them

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Earwigs are basically scavengers that feed on decaying plant material and insect eggs. A few of them are predatory on other small insects. They really aren't pests. They tend to hide in any tight, dark, humid area they can find - such as under tree bark. They won't make gashes in your trees, but they will move into a gash made by something else. If they do eat any fruit, it would most likely be from an already opened damaged area.

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oh, i know they didnt make the gashes, maybe an angry younger child, or just some cracks, not related to this tree, or earwigs(sorry), but ihave seen some apples and crab apples where half of the trunk is rotted away and the living kinda twists around the half rotted trunk, any idea why this happens? not my trees, but i see along a roadside, very ugly.

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