Do I Have A Disease On My Plum Tree

steviejr85(7B)June 14, 2014

One of my goat got out & rubbed against my shiro plum tree. I immediately put "Tree Wound" on the damaged areas of the trunk. About a week later I check on my tree & is has sap leaking from areas of the trunk. Not on the branches...just the trunk. Some of the leaves are turning yellow. Any suggestions? I am going to attach a picture of it. I need help on this.

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What kind of spray program have you been using? Fruit trees, especially stone fruit need to be on a antibacterial and fungal spray program. The bacteria and fungus thrive in warm moist weather, so after every wet spell we need to spray our trees to help prevent bacterial canker. Looks like you had an episode of bacteria that got covered with sealer. You need to spray copper on it. The sad thing is once you get a canker there is no spray that will get rid of it. Sprays only keep it in check and most of all help prevent it. Reading on a university site they say to cut all wood out that shows signs of infection. I think they are talking when its at a small fisher state looking like a crack in the trunk. If that tree's oozing sap all the way around the trunk you might need a new tree. You might be able to chip graft below the canker, and if the upper part of the tree dies you can cut it all off just above your graft. You would have to graft low away from infection. Trees with cankers usually show die back the next spring, so if your graft took and grows you have a back up plan.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I'm not sure there is any canker there, it could just be the injury healing. In either case its a wait and see.


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I haven't really started on a spray program because there so young but I sprayed it with bonide fruit tree spray about a month ago & incecticide also. It's been a drought here where I had to manually water them so I doubt it's because of a wet spell. I will take Scott's wait & see approach. If it's no improvement then I will take it up & replace it next spring. But I will also spray it with fruit tree spray again. I have copper fungicide but how do you measure it for only 1 tree? Any suggestions on that? Dumb question I know lol. But my Pluot,Plum Backyard Orchard Project is doing well so far.

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Just divide by four to make a quart or eight for a pint under a one gallon batch. You can fill a spray bottle and just hit it every so often. You might not have any problem with bacteria, but they need to be sprayed anyway. When you get into your spray program make sure and do the math right because to much will burn the leaves and the tree will have to grow new ones. I've done that before and felt like I would be better off with no spray! Early morning or evening when there's no wind is the best time. Immunox is a good spray for fungus when the leaves are on, and triazicied for bugs. You might only have to spray a couple times a year. Spinosad is a good organic pesticide. You can just google them and read labels. I google everything I want to learn about and also search u tube and keep reading this site.

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Thanks for all the info. I have a spinosad that I use that works great. This is the only problem I have had so far. And this really happened because the goat got out. But I already have a spray program that I'm going to start thoroughly in the dormant season. Now I'm just going to hit the trees with Fruit Tree spray every 2 weeks. But I have been steadily building up the chemicals I'm going to need. I just bought Sulfur that isn't pictured. I did research & these seem to be good fungicides & pesticides for fruit trees.

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