Moorpark Apricot tree not blooming

Wendy8June 6, 2013

We recently moved to our current property that has some fruit trees including a Moorpark apricot tree. It was planted in 2000. It was bearing lots of amazing fruit last July right before we moved in. We pruned it in mid February of this year, and used a fertilizer stick to fertilize it around the same time. All the rest of my fruit trees are blooming but the Moorpark is just leaves. The buds from last year( I'm guessing) just fall off at the touch. I don't think it's going to bear any fruit this year...what happened? Did we prune at the wrong time, or perhaps is it too old to bear fruit? We are new to fruit trees so any advice or instruction is greatly appreciated!

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Did you have a late freeze?

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I honestly can't remember a specific day that stands out as a "freeze." However, we did have a very late spring this year, and it was colder than normal later, so it is very possible we had a "freeze" that I just didn't notice. Also, I have a bing cherry tree that 1/2 froze (I'm guessing-only 1/2 of it has leaves and blossomed) which leads me to believe that we did indeed have a late freeze.

What is considered a late freeze date? When do the Moorpark trees start to "de-winterize?" Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening if it is a freezing issue?

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