Anna and Golden Dorsett Yummy

Randy31513(Georgia 8b)June 2, 2012

I started taste testing the apples on my Anna and Golden Dorsett. This is a month early compared to previous years. I got this crop after a 16F killed a tree full of blooms. I may have 20% of last year crop. Little to no thinning.

Interesting too is the lack of seeds. Some have a full set some have none.

The Anna is a pink to red blush over a green background.

The Golden Dorsett is a red blush over a green melting to a yellow background.

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Nice looking apples! How did you like your Anna apples? I can't find them in stores and my tree was new and only had 3 last year. One was under ripe and sour, the other was over ripe (I think) and mushy. The other got banged up by the landscapers installing water pipes. Mine had pretty much no seeds either. Also mine could be bad because it only gets 5 hours of sun.

Have a bunch this year on my small tree and not too excited to try them because last year left a bad impression.

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Randy31513(Georgia 8b)

Summer apples can be hard to pick at the right time. Taste testing is the best way. I assume you have a golden dorsett to go with the Anna. When you have just a few apples that doesn't give you much chance but wait till next year I am sure you will have more.

Anna is one of the best tasting apples and are very good for baking and canning. I call thin the Pink Lady of the summer.

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This year I left about 15 on my tiny tree (I'm sure that was a bad idea?). Also I don't have a Dorset Golden. I have a fuji and an anna. My neighbor down the street has a 3 in 1 apple tree that I'm sure has Dorsett (if you're talking about pollinators).

The thing is they all didn't set at the same time so I'm not sure all will be ripe at the same time...

This is the only one that looked ripe, it had a pink blush on this side, with the other side being mostly green. I actually picked it today! I gently (I think...) tugged it and it popped right off. It has some bird damage but I think most of it may be okay... Strange how the one with the most bird damage ripened first. It's not as nice as your apple but here it is:

Can't wait to find out how it tastes. ;) Also a bit nervous! :p

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