Critters getting all my berries :(

charleskozJune 17, 2014

I only have a few strawberry plants, and critters -- likely chipmunks -- are getting them all. I wouldn't mind sharing but they eat or destroy every single berry, often ruining ones that are still white and leaving them to rot on the ground. :(

The bed is in an overall garden enclosure that does a good job in general of keeping our major pests out (groundhogs, rabbits, deer) but the chipmunks can go through the poultry wire and they seem to love strawberries.

I put a small hardware cloth box over some of them and they just tunneled under it.

This year's harvest is a small one and was a bonus anyway so I didn't expect much, but I want to deal with this for next year.

I could enclose the whole thing in hardware cloth boxes but I'd have to bury them and then how do I get to the berries? Plus, the bed is 20' long and hardware cloth is expensive..

Any ideas on what I can do? Thanks.

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If you do not have an aversion to bringing an untimely end to the chipmunks, I recommend using the TOMCAT Rat Snap Trap plus peanut butter. You can get these traps at Home Depot, Lowes or online.

From experience, I would suggest setting the traps in early morning and removing them before nightfall. Bigger animals will get caught otherwise. If you or your neighbor has roaming, outdoor pets (or very small hungry children), put the traps inside your strawberry enclosure to make sure you only catch chipmunks. .

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Get a cat. They think their big rats.

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Another option would be to grow them in the air. There was pic posted last year some time that showed strawberries being grown in gutters suspended in the air. It was very impressive as well! In my area I had problems with Rats and Pill Bugs in strawberry patch. Growing them in gutters supported by poles would eliminate alot of pest problems.

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I think it's more likely you need to put straw under your strawberries than chipmunks would waste time with a few small unripe berries.

There are much better things in abundance for them.

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