Overwintering strawberries zone 9

SweetSerenityJune 17, 2012

I've had my strawberries growning in a raised bed. Now that the berry season is over I don't know how to care for the plants until next year.

I need to move them out of the raised bed to make room for other crops so I will plant them in pots. I will plant the runners in pots until they have rooted.

My question is:

Do I keep watering the older plants or do I let them die down naturally and resume watering when the growing season starts again?

Assuming that I am supposed to let them die down, here is a follow up question:

Do I keep watering the parent plants as well as the runner plants until they have rooted or do I only water the runner plant?

I'd be greatful for any advice. I have searched the internet for information but have not been able to find any.


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Most of us in the coastal area of zone 9 California will grow 'everbearing' or day neutral strawberries and enjoy the fruit all summer. For your system I would keep them growing and healthy all year until winter frost when I would cut the foliage back. I like to start the season with new clean foliage. Al

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

Overwintering? WINTER......SLOWLY I TURN. The sight of the word winter freaks me out. Please don't mention it for at least anoter 2 months. We're trying to enjoy our summer up here in the NE. Only kidding :-);-)

There's plenty of information about "renovating" strawberries, depending on which types, June bearing, or everbearing, that you are growing. I have June bearing, and trim off the tops of the plants after harvest, and continue to water them which establishes the plant for next year. I nurture any runners that I will use to replace spent plants over a few years old.

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