Runner plants of everbearing strawberries?

lsohJune 18, 2010

This web site,

apparently USDA, says that for Ozark Beauty, "Mother plant very productive, runner plants usually produce no berries."

1) I've read that some everbearers produce fruit on unrooted runners. Does this statement mean that A) unrooted runners won't fruit? Or does this statement mean that B) even rooted plants that were grown from runners won't fruit?

2) If it means that even rooted plants that were grown from runners won't fruit, is that common among other everbearing strawberries?


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I didn't visit your USDA website, but if it says what you say it says, it is misleading.

Why would any strawberry, Ozark Beauty or any other, produce decent, full-size fruit on an unrooted runner? To do so, it would have to obtain all its water and soil nutrients through the little old runner stem. Does that make sense to you? It certainly does not to me.

When a strawberry plant sends out a runner, and you pin down the end with the little rosette of leaves to the soil, it will root and produce a plant that is identical in every respect to the mother plant. Berry production may occur in the following season, but the number and quality of the berries will be the same as the mother plant.

If you have runners, pin them down and root them. I don't know why any USDA website would say they won't fruit. Stop reading this stuff.

Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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We've grown Ozark Beauty for the last 8 years expanding the planting areas with the runners. They don't fruit as much 1st year, but do fruit if we let them. It seems that year 2-5 are the most productive for us. The flavor is great here in western WA and I have no complaints about the berries. Keeping the deer away from the plants is our challenge.

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One of my strawberry patches is Ozark Beauty and I let it expand with runners. I give it minimal care, meaning I just let the first year runners fruit and they are productive. So much so, that I, although single, cannot keep up with them, even though I freeze about 20 quarts a year. I don't notice if they don't bear like the older plants, but they do bear fruit. I wonder what made the USDA post such a thing. My guess is that the strawberry plants we buy at garden centers or through the mail-order retail outlets are runners.


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