How do I know if I need to net for the 17-yr cicadas?

jayco(5b NY)June 5, 2013

So I have seen 3 adult cicadas and 4 cicada shells on my property in the past 2 weeks or so. I've been scouting them pretty closely. I can also hear them in some neighboring areas. But I have not seen any large numbers of them anywhere near my house.

I have read that they can be near you but not come to your house. How do I know if I need to be covering my young fruit trees?


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sandpapertongue(7a VA)

How old are your trees? I read that trees planted within the last 3 years will be the ones that are most vulnerable. If it's older than that, it will likely be able to withstand the cicadas with no issues.

Also heard that ornamentals are more at risk. Perhaps fruit trees will be ok?

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

I think maybe I'd paint the scaffolds and trunk with a diluted white latex paint and water mixture and see if that helps ward them off those important areas. I'm not an expert at all on fruit trees, so this is just an idea!

I've had them get my roses, though. The slit they make is no problem for an older rose (they heal so well), but it can hurt the younger ones. I saw a slit the other day on a rose that I'm thinking may be them. I've only seen one shell this year, but maybe they really like roses? I'm not sure which plants they like best out of plants they do like.

I'm watching things, too. My orchard is very young, and a big brood was predicted for my area.

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jayco(5b NY)

I think the danger is to the pencil- sized wood on fruit trees. I have an apple tree that is 4 years in the ground and that's what I'm worried about. Don't think trunk paint would help... It's the smaller wood where the females lay eggs.

Anyway my main question is: when/ how many do I have to see before I run out and net it?

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

Well, I've had more than 4 in my house. I see four on the deck looking out the window. The daylilies under the oaks are covered with them. Half my shrubs look from a distance like the tips are dying. On closer inspection, the brown is just cicadas.

I don't think you are even close to having problems.

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jayco(5b NY)

Thanks, mad gallica. Thats just the kind of first hand info I was looking for. Weird how they seem to be dotted around.

I hope you get by without more damage!

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