pinching out eggplant tip?

steve_in_los_ososJune 27, 2013

I grow eggplants and peppers in an enclosure covered with floating row material because I live very near the water and we are subject to lots of summer fog (not to mention cool temps). This worked really well last year except that the eggplants eventually got too tall and I had to remove the fabric. They are approaching that point again now.

Seems I've read about pinching out the growing tips to make the plants more bushy. So will that "solve" this problem?

The only other drawback to the method is aphids. They get a foothold and are very hard to knock down without doing things that eggplants don't like (like getting them wet). This year it's not so bad yet and I am rubbing them off of leaves when I see them but this is harder to do with peppers.

Any suggestions for the aphids? I'm not sure ladybugs (which I could buy) would like it in the enclosure (actually, I'm surprised that aphids like the warmer temperatures).

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Pinching will limit plant height and promote branching.

Aphids apparently are most active between 65 and 80 degrees.

Horticultural oils stops them quickly. They go immobile in minutes. Blasting plants with water is often mentioned, but most vegetable plants are too fragile for that treatment.

Try the vegetable gardening forum also.

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Thanks! Whoops....that's where I meant to post this....

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