Everbearing Mulberry From Seedling?

mmckey2(8b)June 12, 2014

This is my first post here, so hi, nice to meet y'all! I am very interested in planting an Illinois Everbearing Mulberry to go along with my peaches, blueberries, pears, plums, orange, satsuma, lemon, grapefruit, apple, fig, and pecans. I found a fella on craigslist selling "St. Louis Everbearing Mulberries." As I cannont find any information on a variety called St. Louis Everbearing, I am going to assume he has Illinois and is mistaken. My main concern is they are seedlings. All of my other trees are grafted and were bought from Stark Bros. or my local nursery. He claims they will grow true from seedlings, but I would rather get the opinion of some of the members of this forum.

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IE is a hybrid of native M.rubra with the introduced M.alba - as are quite a few really good ones, like Collier,David Smith, Stearns, and my own Lawson Dawson selection.

I'm very dubious that F2 seedlings - even if self-pollenized - would 'come true from seed'. If he's located in St.Louis, I'll guarantee that there's tons of M.alba pollen floating around - some good, some not so good. Unless he's doing controlled pollenation, there's no guarantee that the pollen parent of any seedling is not a small,bitter,or tasteless white mulberry. But,even if self-pollenized, the F2 generation will likely segrate over a wide range of disparate types and fruit quality.

Buy a grafted/budded IE and be done with it. Top producer here, with great fruit quality - but I'm experiencing a lot of 'popcorn disease' fruit infection the last couple of years.

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Thanks lucky! I suspected this was the case. I am going to wait and buy a grafted IE. This gentleman was in New Orleans, however, I am sure there are other varieties floating around still which could have cross pollinated his tree. I was hopeful though, because the only mulberry my local nursery seems to carry is "Native Red Mulberry." I may have to order IE online. I would rather get it locally though, because the trees I got from Stark Bro's came basically as whips and are significantly behind all of the trees I bought locally in development. I imagine they wont have them back in stock until fall or spring. Oh well, probably best not to plant this late in the year anyway right?"

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There was a really big mulberry with juicy mulberries in Chicago, Illinois and Jeffersonville, IN when I was a kid and I came across the same type in Zurich, Switzerland too when I worked there. All had red berries that turned purple when ripe and were really big trees.

I think they are run of the mill red mulberries from America. I only ever heard of white mulberries and black mulberries in trying to identify these two shrubs in my yard a couple of weeks ago.

As I have discovered two mulberries in my yard but I am not sure what they are yet as they have been repeatedly cut down to the stump and are more 'bushy' as a result.

I guess who ever planted them didn't realize the city won't let them get that big close to the utility lines like they are. I hope they are the America red mulberries or whatever those mulberries that are purple and good to each in the later part of the summer.

Good luck.

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I have grown some mulberries from seed and the results are all over the map as far as flavor. I had stumbled upon some short bushy plants at a park, they were fruiting while the "trees" were less than 8 feet tall. Of all the seeds I got and planted each plant has different colored fruit and different flavor - at least they fruit while young and seem to want to be bushes instead of trees. In the woods beside my house there is a long row of mulberry trees and none of them have decent flavor and some of them have no flavor at all!

If flavor matters, stick with grafted plants.

I plan on grafting some of my Illinois Everbearing and Wellington onto these bushy forms in the future.

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Thanks for the tips! I am going to take this advice and get a grafted one.

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I ordered 2 IE mulberry from brunt ridge. Both times they sent well rooted nice trees. I would order from them.

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