Green Gage plum and American plum?

keepitlow(6)June 14, 2012

Have a green gage plum about 5 years in ground. Trunk is as big as a forearm. About 14 feet tall. Never produced 1 plum.

Have an American plum. (I think that is what it is?) Same stats as green gage. Produces lots of little plums. The birds wreck many and the rest rot before they ripen. I get nothing from it but a mess.

Should I keep the trees or cut them down?

What are some easy to grow plums that will actually yield some edible fruit?


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They will not cross-pollinate--you need another European plum nearby if you want Green Gage plums.

Carla in Sac

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I got 3 jap plums too. None of these will do the pollen job?

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I believe Green Gage is self-pollinating.

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Does it not bloom, or does it not set fruit when it blooms? How far away is it from other plums? I have a Stanley that is isolated a couple hundred feet from all other plums, and I have to cut branches from other plums and hang them in a jar of water in the canopy if I want it to set any fruit at all. You would think with hives of bees in the yard about 50 feet from the tree they would do the job, but it appears I have 50,60 thousand slacker bees.

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bennylafleur(6 E. Tn.)

I think my green gage took at least 10 years to fruit, and I don't have any other European plums growing. I have 4 japanese, and a pluot.

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Does not flower.

It is about 100 feet from other plums

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I may be stating the obvious, but if the tree isn't flowering then the problem isn't pollenators or pollenizers or how close it is to them.

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Green Gage are infamous for being slow to come into production. I think five years is nothing for them. My general experience is the more 'heirloom' the variety, the slower it is to produce.

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European Plums need European pollinators

Japanese Plums need Japanese Pollinators

Hybrid plums (usually with american genes), are best pollinated by non hybrid American plums (P Americana, or P Nigra), even if they are labeled "self fertile". Theyll produce better.

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