avocado tree dying?

greentree11June 7, 2014

Hi guys I'm new to this site and I signed up because our family is trying to grow an avocado tree, I bought it a week and half ago and I took some pics of it. Please let me know what I should do for this plant that'll be the best....

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Looks fine to me although it could probably stand to be potted and unbound from the stake.

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Protect from scorching heat/sun while young...if you get a heat wave. Keep soil moist...and feed often with low-dose of liquid fertilizer. Young trees have a small target zone with small root system.

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Actually it's recommended not to fertilize when newly planted, at least in the 1st month, but I guess it depends on the roots systems. The root systems on the trees I planted last month was mostly poor except for the peach. I've barely given some miracle grow but I did that as much to help new leaves grow that were eaten by the deer.

I wonder is there a 'root fertilizer'? Or do you have to have created compost already on hand to get roots on newly planted to grow best?

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Is it normal for my mexicola avocado tree to have little brown lines on the trunk from bottom to top? Also I notice some leafs have holes on then, and the new ones that are growing look reddish

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