loquat tree seedlings

pedroza(Calif. zone 9)June 23, 2013

I have 5 loquat seedlings that are now 13 years old.
2 have fruited about 3 years ago, once and haven't fruited
since. I am in zone 9.Central california. The trees are in 5 gal pots why don't they fruit and how do I get them to produce ? Any info will be greatly appreciated.
thanks , pedroza

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Do you have room to plant them in the ground? The pots might be too small for them. Down here they grow like weeds and I have never heard of anybody having any problems with getting them to produce. I just sprouted a couple seeds to take to my farm to plant out there. I would be surprised if it takes more than three years for them to start to produce some.

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pedroza(Calif. zone 9)

Yes one of the loquat seedling is planted in the ground, but
no fruit. one is in a meium size pot, it had fruit about 3 or 4 years ago. beautiful large fruit. But no fruit since then. I also have one that is grafted with a local graft, its loaded with fruit every year. This is a photo of the seedling that had fruit about 3 years ago. no fruit since
thanks for the follow up.

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