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TLCShowJune 7, 2012

Hi Everybody,

I am casting a show for TLC about people with unique collections or obsessions. I found this forum and wanted to get in touch with anybody who might say they are obsessed with fruit, a specific fruit, or gardening in general to see if they'd be interested in sharing their story on our show. Hope to hear from you!


Colleen Goodhue

Sharp Entertainment


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Hi Colleen, I sent you an email, Its mrsg47, Yep passionate about fruit trees;'collecting' trees and plants! Other things too.

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That sounds like fun! I've got 7 varieties of rabbiteye blueberries and 16 varieties of Southern High Bush blueberries totaling 49 blueberry plants. Obsession is a under statement! Also several citrus, blackberry and lots of different veggies. This is all in my small suburban back yard in Houston Tx. Let's make a show!

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trgi21(zone 9 a)

Fruitnut, konrad, harvestman are a few names that come to my mind. Fruitnut would be the best candidate to showcase in such a show as his name says it all. His passion for fruit trees is an understatement.


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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

Here is my current fruit list..obsessed? Me? noway :)

141 blueberries
50 sweet Crisp
5 Gulf Coast
8 Windsor
2 southern Belle
4 millennium
14 Jewel
4 South Moon
33 Emerald
9 Sunshine Blue
1 scintilla

2 Windy (rabbiteye)
2 Beckyblue (rabbiteye)
2 Snowflake (rabbiteye)
Brightwell (rabbiteye)
Powder blue (rabbiteye)
2 Tiff blue (rabbiteye)
Austin (rabbiteye)

1 Tropic Beauty peach
1 UF Gold peach
3 UF Beauty peach trees
1 Florida Prince Peach tree
1 UFO peach tree
2 plum trees

Gulf Beauty
Gulf Rose

18 citrus trees (17 varieties)
Ambersweet orange
Taracco Blood orange
Orlando Tangelo
Mineola Tangelo
Murcott Tangerine
Meyer lemon
Ruby Red Grapefruit
Velencia Orange
Navel Orange
Dancy Tangerine
Sunburst Tangerine
Eustis Limequat
Gold Nugget

25+ pomegranates (15 varieties)(part of a University of Florida study)
Gissarskii Rozovyi
Nikitski ranni
Shirin Zigar
Russian #8
11 Vietnam (Big yellow)

5 mulberry trees

3 Fuyu persimmon trees

4 Bananas (2 types)
Ice cream
Dwarf Cavendish

100 row feet of black berry bushes (3 types, 33 feet row feet of each)

150 row feet of Mysore black raspberry bushes

50 row feet of Kiwi (3 types)
2 Dunstan chestnut trees
2 Grumichama cherry trees
3 Pineapple Guava
Cherry of the Rio Grande

11 pineapples 2 types
started from grocery store pineapple tops plus
Kona Sugarloaf

5 figs

10 20 foot rows of muscadine grapes
southern home
florida fry
Late Fry
Blue seedless
Early Fry
Li Ci

Jujube Tigerclaw

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If you are looking for obsessed people check rose forum and dayliy forum, as well as fig forum. People get 500+ different rose varieties, thousands of different daylilies and hundreds of different fig trees.
How I know? I share some of these obsessions :)
I am obsessed with persimmons now.

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I nominate Fruitnut as well. His name says it all. If there is a fruit forum on the internet he posts on it, constantly trying new varieties, measuring the brix of each fruit. Hopefully he contacts the OP, although Bamboo should as well that list looks like obsession too!

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Be cautious friends, you may not like the finished report. I had a newspaper reporter follow my family and I around for a day when we were looking for a new puppy at a local pet fair. Suffice to say, I wasn't too thrilled with what was and wasn't found in print. Fast forward a year later and a reporter approached me at a tomato festival - I sent them away instantly and spent the rest of the time looking over my shoulder.

My unsolicited advice: If you want to put on a show, do it on youtube. Don't let someone else tell your story.

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

Can I be put on the list?
I have a Topsy Turvy Strawberry Planter.It has 15 plants in it. Brady

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LMAO, Brady, you da man!!!

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You will find lots of obsessed people about fruits here. Bamboo_rabbit you don't have enough peaches and plums. I know it is hard to get enough chill hours there. I love the Kishu I am on my 4th tree.

Blueberries are an obsession all their own, I started with two and now have around 14 plants and looking to add more. The same holds true for Blackberries and raspberries. At least Raspberries will multiple on their own.

I started out with a few fruit trees and now am around 50-57. Fresh fruit is very addicting. The addiction them can move to grafting, replacing trees and trying to figure out what is the max number of trees you can fit in your yard.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

This link will show a little with my love in fruits and nature,.. helps driving my engine on a daily basis.

Here is a link that might be useful: Orchard pictures...

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