What's eating my watermelon and strawberry leaves?

nobueno(Boulder, CO 5a)June 26, 2013

So I was out of town for two weeks but everything was waterered regularly and doing great. The watermelon put out about 3 feet of new growth but there are some leaves that have been eaten. There are a bunch of strawberries 10-15ft away and one is showing the same kind of damage. Also, there was a weed right next to the watermelon that had this purple fungus looking stuff on it, pic is also attached. Are they related? Is it something i need to worry about?

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You've got some kind of fungal disease that might be associated with your mulch. Melons don't really need to be mulched..
They look pretty sickly, so I'd spray with a good fungicide ASAP
and hope for the best.

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