Angel Red Pomegranate VS. Eversweet Pomegranate

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Can someone help me decide which variety might be better for me to grow in front of my house? I could potentially grow one of each, to flank either side of my house... but I'm not sure if they're different enough for me to plant both. If I could only plant one, which one should it be???

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I'm very interested to hear what people have to say about this too!

I'm sure you've figured out that the soft seeds are what the hype about Angel Red is, while Eversweet is supposedly good even when immature. Both are apparently early ripening.

My two cents, from a practical standpoint would be to go with Eversweet, since accurately gauging ripeness in pomegranates is rather difficult for the novice, you'd get more good tasting fruit this way. Also, Angel Red is covered by a patent and so is more expensive and only grown by a few nurseries (such as Monrovia).

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