Medlar and Quince Topwork Grafts?

jplaylandJune 26, 2012

I'm trying to figure out what my options are with Medlar and Quince. From what I'm hearing both are compatible with some forms of pear. I have Summercrisp, Luscious, and Parker pear varieties growing.

I can't find anything about topwork grafts involving Medlar.

Do I need interstems for either of them?

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No graft masters willing to help? :(

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Playland, I have heard that medlar is sometimes compatible with pear but I never tried. I had a medlar I wanted to topwork some pears onto (the opposite of you) and I just chopped it right at the base where the quince rootstock was (commercial medlar are always on quince) and grafted the quince-compatible pears there.

For your direction, any pear that is compatible with quince may be compatible the other way around, but flipping the direction throws a wrench into things. I would at least look up the compatibility of your pears with quince as a rootstock and use that as a guide. For the not compatible pears and the medlar I would use an interstem. So for a not compatible pear do not compatible pear stock - compatible pear interstem - quince. For medlar do compatible pear - quince - medlar.

It is possible to do a one-shot inter stem with ease on quince and pear, just wedge graft the inter stem onto the bottom of your scion and then graft the whole thing onto the stock all in one go. I have had about 95% success with these.

If your pear stocks are big enough I would also try several combinations. I did a bunch of quince-pear grafts recently and used four different supposedly compatible pears as interstem. One seems to have not worked well but the other interstem varieties all worked.


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