Japanese Beetles on my Stella Cherry - what's a guy to do?

andyinnycJune 24, 2012

Found several chewing up the leaves this evening. Is there an effective spray for the tree to keep them away?


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franktank232(z5 WI)

Sevin, pyrethroids or can hand pick them...dep;ends on how bad. They like sweet cherries.

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If sevin can't kill it, then its time to learn it's language because its going to take over the Earth like a cheesy 50's horror movie.

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alan haigh

Are pyrethroids at all affective against this pest? I am thinking of tank mixing some with Sevin to increase staying power. Sevin does wear off relatively quickly even though there's no denying its knock down power of JBs.

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Japanese beetles killed my new sweet cherry tree around five years ago. We used to get thousands of them. Since then, I have put down milky spore in the lawn about 5 times and only see maybe a hundred in a season now. I regularly pick them and kill them in soapy water. Milky spore takes a while but it really seems to work.

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